Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life After Beauty School

If you want to be able to do more than fold towels in a salon, the first thing you will need to do after graduating from cosmetology school is take - and pass - your State Board Licensing Exam.

Nadene Bruthers, who coaches people preparing for the California State Board Exam says:
"cosmetologists are more artistic than they are book learners,
so more of them pass the Practical than the Written portion of the exam".
(translation: more people fail the Written than the Practical because they are not prepared).

For the Practical part, some states use a mannequin head. While others, including California, require a live model. Some states allow only female models while California allows models of either gender. And while some requirements, like the Finger-Wave Set, may seem outdated - Ms. Bruthers believes they are valuable. Our business is about hair-"Dressing", and that requires finger dexterity and control. Practicing the Finger-Wave Set will help create this control.

Remember those cosmetology school science classes (anatomy, biology, chemistry, electricity)? Well, you will need them for the Written part of the exam. People would be amazed at what hair stylists have to know said Bruthers who has previously co-authored a study guide for California State Board candidates.

It doesn't matter what state you live in, a fully licensed cosmetologist has to have knowledge and understanding about the biology, chemistry, and diseases of the hair, skin, and nails. This knowledge is not only important in the practice of your craft daily in the salon,
it is an absolute must if you hope to pass the Written portion of your exam.

Says Ms. Bruthers in closing; "people think all we do is cut hair - that's a laugh".

For help in passing the written portion of your exam:
For questions about the National / Multi-State Exam:

For questions about your states exam, visit your State Board of Cosmetology website.

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  1. Passing the state board exam is really easy if you prepared well for it. Having the right training can definitely help as the way it helped me get my florida cosmetology license. Same as to all board exams, it may seem not easy but with the right education or training background, students can definitely succeed.